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Chiang Shin Fasteners Industries website officially launched, welcome to visit.

We are an emerging small and medium-sized enterprise that brings together many industry elites. The industry experience from managers/managers/technicians/quality control personnel/business personnel/shippers is more than 10 to 20 years old; The entire plant is a brand new multi-stroke cold forging facility that can fully produce the size and size of products required by customers, M5 ~ M24, and is a new factory building and a new western-style office building. Qiangxin Industry is mainly engaged in the manufacturing of various special size screws required by the automotive industry, construction industry, machinery industry, agricultural implement industry, and defense industry. 100% direct export to North America, Canada & Europe. . Such as the agent market, and received many OEM original certification (such as Ford / TOYOTA / GM ...., etc.), Can supply products directly to the original factory and the satellite assembly plant in the middle and lower reaches, deeply recognized by the representatives and guests; The company has obtained certifications such as ISO9001 and TAF Labs (formerly CNLA), with an average monthly capacity of 500-800 tons. Currently, it is actively preparing for the certification of TS16949.

Chiang Shin Fasteners Industries Certified ISO/IEC 17025 : 2005 、ISO/TS 16949 : 2009、BS EN ISO 9000 : 2008